Lego City Passenger Airplane Set l 913 Piece Set

Lego City Passenger Airplane Set l 913 Piece Set

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Airliner and ground crew vehicles playset

Premium-quality toy Passenger Airplane set with an apron bus, pushback tug, catering truck, baggage truck and 9 minifigures.

Just like the real thing!

Kids can operate the ground vehicles to prepare the aircraft for departure and play out stories with the included characters.

LEGO® City Passenger Airplane

Modern airliner

Elegant design with curved wings and large jet engines.

Welcome aboard!

Detailed interior with cockpit, seating and passenger aisle.

Onboard facilities

Includes seat-back screens, a food trolley and a toilet.

Catering truck

This catering truck makes loading food and beverages easy.


Kids position the airstair to board the passengers.

Pushback tug

A pushback tug is on hand to safely maneuver the aircraft.