Dragon Alliance

DRAGON is a frame of mind. Its what drives them all to become risk takers, boundary breakers and change makers. Its the triumph of simply trying. Whatever twists and turns define your adventure, DRAGON’S quality, techno-dynamic design and construction is engineered to elevate the experience. The design team collaborates with Athlete-artisans who impart a unique vision to the details and performance features of every frame, drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature and the science or their sport. A fusion of action and aesthetic that has turned out game-changing innovations in eyewear: Color- and clarity-optimizing LUMALENS sun technology. The first-ever NFX frameless snow goggles. Water-treading H2O FLOATABLES sunglasses. PVX, the widest peripheral goggle on the market. Adaptive, all-terrain XP Cross-Performance eyewear. Each effortlessly lightweight yet ultra-durable to defy the elements.