Heatwave XL Vise Z87+ l Performance Frame w/ Galaxy Lens

Heatwave XL Vise Z87+ l Performance Frame w/ Galaxy Lens

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Boasting the same great features as the standard Vise®, The XL version are (you guessed it) EXTRA-LARGE Heat Wave frames.

We took the time-tested design of the Vise® and added an extra 10mm in width and jacked up the ride height to 5mm to provide Godzilla-like, larger than life comfort and coverage.

About The Performance XL Vise®: Introducing a complete evolution in product - We’ve taken our legacy XL Vise® frame and given it a complete overhaul, making them Z87+ out of the box, featuring new performance arms, with an integrated Quick-Latch side-shield system. In the comfort department you will find rubberized touch points throughout the frame also ensuring that the frames stay in place on your face. The cherry on top of the performance line is a lens matched side shield melds form and function together for a look that is flat out stunning and is entirely unique to the performance line.

Performance line features include 2mm thick lenses that meet ANSI Z.87 mass impact requirements plus an all-new extended length arm, specifically designed for our standard frame range, with new beveled emblems. The all-new Quick-Latch side-shield system provides lateral protection from debris and unwanted side light meeting ANSI Z87+ standards with side shields installed. Rubberized Hytrel® inserts are strategically placed in the arms and, notably, now the nose bridge for a fit that is not only more comfortable, but grips and stays in place.