Toor Egress 2.0 Knife

Toor Egress 2.0 Knife

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Introducing the NEW Egress 2.0, a more compact and agile addition to the Egress and Frontline Series blades. Designed with the same dedication to durability and reliability, the Egress 2.0 is the ideal blade to keep handy in the glove box when sh*t hits the fan, or on your kit for a light, survival knife.

This reduced version of its predecessor is crafted with precision from CPM Cru-Wear steel, offering exceptional wear-resistance and toughness. This makes it perfectly suited not only for everyday use, but also for the harsh demands of Search and Rescue operations. This 2.0 version has been sized down to an overall length of 8.75” with a width of 0.1875” and weighs in at only 8.1 oz. While slimmed down, the Egress 2.0 still provides a sturdy yet lighter frame that ensures quick, effective action when it matters most, all while taking up less space in your car or on your kit.

Just like the original Egress, the 2.0 is equipped with features essential for survival and emergency scenarios, including a modified SERE Hook for cutting through tough materials with ease. It also sports a highly effective tungsten carbide Breacher Ball™ at the pommel, optimized for breaking and smashing through glass, and other obstacles, without weighing you down.

Every Egress 2.0 is handcrafted in San Diego, CA by our skilled and talented in-house manufacturing team and comes with a custom-fit Toor Knives KYDEX® sheath, compatible with all of our mounts.